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CPA Referrals In Fort Myers And S.W. FL Area

Thai Star Restaurant:

Bill Vilaysack and his wife Vongphachanh own and manage Thai Star restaurant. It is located at 26251 South Tamiami Trail in Bonita Springs. They have been serving the Freshest Most Flavorful Thai Food in Bonita Springs Since 2005.

Vong Vilaysack grew up in a village near Laos and learned to prepare her classic Thai dishes by preparing meals for traveling dignitaries that would visit her father, who was the village leader.

If you like or would like to try authentic Thai food, be sure to visit them for lunch or dinner. For a look at the menu go to Please feel free to call Bill at 239-992-9825 to discuss what W. Bradley Cooper, Jr. CPA does for Thai Star restaurant.

West Coast Wheel, LLC:

Jim Boesch and Don Farquhar own and manage West Coast Wheel, LLC located at 2467 Lafayette Street in Fort Myers. They have been serving Lee County since 2005.

They specialize in front end work, front end alignments, tire truing and brakes. They have over 20 years of mechanical experience. Give them a call at 239-332-0588 to discuss your needs or what W. Bradley Cooper, Jr. CPA does for them.

Styles 2000 Full Service Hair Salon:

Styles 2000 does hair, nails, waxing and more from the Fort Myers, FL location.

Bradley Cooper has been their CPA since 2009 and they really like and and the best part is that he can actually answer questions in English and not accounting speak. Bradley is very professional and we really like his service.

Katherine Lowry I-BOS Counseling Center:

Katherine Lowry is a business owner with 5 other counselors from I-BOS Counseling Center.

We are always free to call Bradley whenever we want and he is always ready to help us right away or give a very prompt call back.

Allendy Doxy - Let Speak Inc:

Allendy Doxy from Let Speak Inc. is a professional multi-language service company. They try to break language barriers for clients so they can be successful.

Let Speak has always strived to have the best on their teams with professionals that can really deliver. So it was an easy match for us to have Bradley Cooper with us to help in our accounting needs.

We can always go to him with any issues or questions that we may have. If you want to get someone that is professional, dependable, reliable and has a friendly approach to business, then Bradley Cooper is who you are looking for.

Valerie Chamberlain - All Ways Electric:

All Ways Electric is a commercial electric contractor in Fort Myers, FL. They have used Bradley Cooper CPA, PA since the day they started their business. Bradley helps All Ways Electric grow their business and stays up on all the deductions and other tax related information that All Ways Electric needs.

Bradley has also assists us with advice on business purchases and expenses. Additionally, Bradley helps us stay on top of all the tax laws that seems to change every day. Bradley is definitely and asset to my business. 


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